Steve Lindenau appointed new BH Fitness national sales manager, shuts Teutonic company in name

Steve Lindenau, formerly of Diamondback and Vision, joins BH Fitness and will shut down his vibration technology products company but continue a product partnership with Power Vibe.

Two years after founding his own company specializing in vibration technology, Steve Lindenau has moved into the national sales manager position at BH Fitness.

He told SNEWS that his company, Teutonic Sales, will shut down soon in name but the mission will live on: In mid-2009, his company had already moved into a partnership with Power Vibe ( to build on Teutonic’s strength at retail and Power Vibe’s strength in medical arenas and with athletes. Lindenau will remain as a partner and consultant in that business.

“I brought Power Vibe a market,” he said. “The key component in this category is education, but I’m not going to be going to dealers anymore.”

For now, the Teutonic website is live (, but the V-bells are discontinued and the iShape will not be carried by Power Vibe. Click here to read about his launch of Teutonic in a July 14, 2008, SNEWS story, “Steve Lindenau founds new company specializing in vibration technology.” 

“I realigned the business with Power Vibe,” Lindenau said. “The category has massive implications for a wide variety of people.”

Instead of knocking on doors and driving around the country with vibration trainers in his car, as of June 1, he is heading up sales for BH Fitness in Southern California. (Click here to see a June 2, 2010, news release from BH Fitness on SNEWS.) 

“The stars have come into alignment,” John Coyle, BH Fitness North America vice president, told SNEWS. BH and Lindenau talked just before and after he founded Teutonic and have remained in touch. After the departure of the last sales manager about a year ago, Coyle had been filling in while the company looked for the right fit.

“We’re growing every category,” Coyle said. “We’ve really pushed our concept of value.”

Lindenau explained, “Despite the economy, people still want to be healthy…. There’s a lot of opportunity for companies who want to grow intelligently.

“I think I can help BH grow the business,” Lindenau said.

--Therese Iknoian