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SNEWS® is now the exclusive global source for the digital version of the United Kingdom’s “Outdoor Review,” and is available to SNEWS subscribers. Get the details.

SNEWS® is now the exclusive global source for the digital version of the United Kingdom’s “Outdoor Review.” Distributed quarterly free of charge throughout the U.K. outdoor trade, Outdoor Review focuses on specialty retail there and is of interest to any international company seeking to gain insight into the U.K. and European markets. Edited by John Traynor, one of Britain’s leading outdoor leisure trade journalists, it is published by GreenShires, which also produces the United Kingdom’s Climb magazine.


To read the Winter 2010 issue of Outdoor Review in digital flip-magazine format -- only available on SNEWS -- click here

Traynor began his industry career as a part-time sales assistant in the LD Mountain Centre as a student. With three-plus decades in the industry, he offers insights into the fast-changing U.K. and European markets.

SNEWS is pleased to offer its readers access to Traynor’s U.K. news.

--SNEWS® Editors


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