SNEWS® Retail Merchandising Training 101: Online calculator makes it easier

Looking to quickly calculate gross margin %, mark-up %, GMROI, retail selling price, turns and more? As part of our popular SNEWS® Retail Merchandising Training 101 clinic series, we've created a package of on-line calculators to make the job just a bit easier. Just plug in the numbers where our calculators ask for them and presto...your answer awaits. Talk about being a smart buyer!

The SNEWS® Retail Merchandising Calculator

Gross Margin %

(Gross Profit / Selling Price)

Gross Profit $

Selling Price $ Gross Margin %

Mark-up %

(Gross Profit / Product Cost)

Gross Profit $

Product Cost $ Mark-up %

If you know the product's cost and suggested retail, but need to see what the resulting "gross margin" will be, then:

((Selling Price - Product Cost) / Selling Price)

Selling Price $

Product Cost $ Gross Margin %

If you know your product cost and want to solve for the "retail selling price", then use this formula:

(Product Cost / (100% - (Gross Margin * 0.01)))

Product Cost $

Gross Margin % Retail Selling Price $

If you know your selling price threshold and want to solve for "target product cost", use this formula:

(Selling Price * (100% - Gross Margin))

Selling Price $

Gross Margin % Target Product Cost $

Gross Margin Return on Investment (GMROI)

(Turns * Gross Margin)

Turns #

Maintained Gross Margin % GMROI %

Stock-to-Sales Ratio

(Average or Current Inventory at Cost / Cost of Goods Sold)

Average (or current) Inventory at Cost $

Cost of Goods Sold $ Stock-to-Sales Ratio


(Cost of Goods Sold / Average Inventory at Cost) *Usually done on an annual basis or in retail dollars or units

Cost of Goods Sold $

Average Inventory at Cost $ Turn #


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