SNEWS Reader Poll: Does your dog (yeah, yeah, or cat) go to work with you?

SNEWS pooch, Kayla, wants to know if you brought your dog to work to celebrate Take Your Dog to Work Day. Oh, and she wants photos! Check it out here.

In celebration of Take Your Dog to Work Day, I nosed my masters at SNEWS to have them find out if other dogs go to work and have the run of the office like I do. You see, every morning, after my run, I get to the office with them, and wait patiently while one of them stuffs a Kong with some doggie cookies. Then I annoy both Michael and Therese by throwing it around the office and down the stairs repeatedly to dislodge or break the bones. It makes pretty loud THUNK sounds that they have to apologize for on conference calls and interviews. Then I go to sleep. Until I hear Michael boot down his computer or Therese zip up her bag, then I’m there sticking my nose in their faces again so we can go play fetch.

It’s a dog’s life, isn’t it?

They are asking in the new SNEWS® Reader Poll if your dog goes to work with you (well, OK,...or other pets like cats -- cats drool, dogs rule…) either regularly or just in honor of last week’s Take Your Dog to Work Day. Tell them by clicking here to go to all our Reader Pollsand scroll down to the bottom of the list to see the REALLY important one about dogs at work. 

Oh, and I am sharing my photo at work with you on the SNEWS Fan page on Facebook You can upload your pet’s photos, too (but you have to be a SNEWS Fan first)! Cody, Zoey and Sophie are already showing off their photos there. And here’s a couple photos of me at the Mountain Hardwear headquarters where SNEWS executives Michael Hodgson and Therese Iknoian took me to visit on June 29. To the right, I'm saying hello to Max, who comes to work there with Keith Phizackerley -- or maybe Max is telling me to get out of his cubicle? And, to the left, you can see me "networking" with the company's director of sales, Rick Olson. Hey, Rick, got any dog bowls or backpacks or booties you want me to test?

--Kayla (woof)