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SNEWS Qs: Vince Trujillo, owner Fitness Together Denver Tech Center

Vince Trujillo, owner of Fitness Together Denver Tech Center, shares his views on how to keep customers exercising despite an iffy economy and partnerships between specialty retailers and personal trainers.

Vince Trujillo

Owner, personal trainer

Fitness Together Denver Tech Center

What do you think the biggest challenge facing the fitness industry is and how can we overcome it?

The biggest problem facing the fitness industry is the bad economy. With my business, it’s not cheap and sometimes it’s the first thing cut when things get tight. I deal with it by offering specials and group sessions.

How can specialty fitness retailers partner with personal trainers like yourself to bring in more customers/clients?

If you can partner with a specialty fitness retailer and work together with incentives, free sessions or discounts. That will get clients and costumers excited about the partnership.

How would a partnership with a specialty fitness retailer benefit personal trainers?

If will benefit personal trainers by exposing fitness-oriented [potential clients] to the trainer.

What are some big trends you're spotting in the fitness industry?

One of the biggest trends right now is Cross Fit-type workouts. That is, high-intensity workouts that are nontraditional (tire flipping, keg tossing, etc.).

What would you say is the "next big thing" in fitness?

The next big thing is probably going to be something similar along the lines of Cross Fit, Where the biggest goal is increasing the intensity and decreasing the total workout time. That’s where I see it going.

--Compiled by Ana Trujillo



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