SNEWS Qs: Devon Bjorklund, marketing events coordinator, NOW Bar

Check out this week's SNEWS Qs about NOW Bars, the nutrition bars for endurance athletes made with immune boosting honey from New Zealand.

Devon Bjorklund
Marketing events coordinator

NOW Energy Bar 

Tell us about the history of your company:
Created by bike enthusiast and host of “The Amazing Race,” Phil Keoghan (photo, right), NOW Bars are all-natural, non-GMO and certified gluten-free. Available in energy bar, snack bar and new trail bar varieties, NOW Bars contain white chia seeds and are the only U.S. marketed bars made with New Zealand’s manuka honey which contains immune-boosting properties and helps assist athletes throughout their workouts by providing pure energy and aiding in post work recuperation and energy repletion.

Tell us about your products:
NOW Bars were created for the endurance athlete. They are formulated with the proper ingredients to provide one’s body with continuous fuel to power any adventure. NOW Bars come in three varieties, energy bars, snack bars and new trail bars. NOW has three energy bar flavors: peanut and caramel, white chocolate, fruit and nut and honeycomb with chia and raisins which is also nut free. Our snack bars, called Manuka Newtons, come in strawberry and manuka honey flavor. The new trail bars come in a. coconut and almond, b. cranberry, peanut and almond, c. raspberry, peanut and almond and d. peanut and almond. The NOW brand A3 (Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace) was created for the adventure and action sports athlete. Made with functional and healthy ingredients, A3 will provide athletes with the energy and nutrition they need to excel in their sports. The three introductory A3 flavors are peanut butter and jelly, honey graham s’mores and white lighting marshmallow."

What was your company’s founder doing before this?
Phil Keoghan is currently the host of "The Amazing Race." In 2009 Phil decided to ride his bike across the United States in 40 days to help raise money for the National MS Society. The journey is documented in the documentary "The Ride.”

How does the reality of the business differ from the idea of it?
The hard work we have experienced and put in is what we expected.

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced?
Due to Phil’s constant travel schedule with work, one of the biggest challenges he faced was getting the proper nutrition. To overcome this, Phil decided to create his own bar made with manuka honey, a natural preservative with special medicinal properties and jam-packed with high-potency energy found in his homeland New Zealand.



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