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The creation of new words is moving as fast as technology. Take a look at these definition ideas that are making the rounds.

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The creation of new words is moving as fast as technology. Take a look at these ideas: 

Bump-N-Runners(noun) - Folks who are so busy with their cell phones talking, texting or reading email as they walk through a crowded area that they constantly bump into others but just keep going (although sometimes after bad-mouthing the person they bumped into).

As in:
These days, trade show aisles are a minefield of Bump-N-Runners leaving most of us diving out of the way to avoid bruised shoulders.

Fanemy(noun) - A combination of fan and enemy; a person who poses as a fan, or claims to be a fan, of a celebrity, sports team, company or other entity, but actually embarrasses or ridicules that person or entity.

As in:
Anyone who posts on paddling message boards knows that ‘DaggerFan1’ is a fanemy. He’s always saying negative stuff about Dagger boats.

Fat gap (noun) - The difference between actual and perceived obesity.

As in
: Plus-sized stores, apparel, airline seatbelts, lawn chairs and other products – all geared to quietly accommodate the fat gap -- have blurred the public perception of what is a healthy weight since fat is the new norm.

Impactful(adjective) – Term coined by corporate advertising, marketing and business drones to make their work sound far more useful, exciting and beneficial to humanity than it really is.

As in:
Management is convinced that its new going-forward ad campaign for flame-retardant underwear will be incredibly impactful without even running the idea up the flagpole.

NIB(noun) –abbreviation for new in box; meaning brand new and never used.

As in:
I saw a lot of alleged NIB items on Craigslist for sale from name brands.

No-motion (noun) - A promotion without a raise or additional benefits other than you know you will now spend more hours supervising others who likely make just as much as you do but still get to go home at 5.

As in:
Mandy’s boss honored her with a no-motion to design director of the department.

Over-talk (verb) – Talking on top of another’s words in a cell phone conversation because of the lag time in transmission.

As in:
Cecile wasn’t savvy with cell phone use for business conversations, and she constantly over-talked the others in the meeting.

Refuse-nik(noun) – Formerly used only for Soviet Union citizens who were refused permission to emigrate; now used for today’s dinosaurs who decline to get a cell phone.

As in:
Ernie has been a Refuse-nik for years, preferring to either remain unreachable, stick to a landline or, when out and about, chase the ever-disappearing payphone as needed communication.

Second-acters(noun) – Those in their mid-60s to mid-70s who in past generations would have been retired, but today can be found working at the kind of job that usually employs teens and college kids. Fries with that burger?

As in:
After climbing the seven summits, Grandpa is a second-acter at Big Box R Us, telling customers where the bathrooms are and helping them find their size shoes.

Try-vertising(noun) – Product or food sampling programs that introduce shoppers to a brand’s latest products.

As in:
Exotic Chocolates launched a try-vertising campaign at the Extreme Outdoors Show to drum up business for its new chocolate-covered scorpion treats.

Twittovation (noun)– Allowing users to invent uses for terms, products, or a business that were unintended; spurred by Twitter which smartly gave its users the reins and let them run with its platform.

As in
: Twittovation could be considered one factor behind the growth of – and subsequent product development for – such uses as running, trekking or yoga for the Vibram FiveFingers footwear.

YUPPIE 911 (noun) - Using a personal emergency beacon such as a SPOT to alert emergency response for non-emergency needs.

As in:
 Marvin pushed the Yuppie 911 button after determining the beef in his freeze-dried dinner tasted funny.

--SNEWS® Editors

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