SNEWS® Live: "The Road Trip Pilgrim's Guide" leads the way to self-discovery through travel

Author Dan Austin shares with SNEWS® Live his philosophy of transformational travel in his new book, "The Road Trip Pilgrim's Guide."
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This edition of SNEWS® Live is brought to you by The North Face

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SNEWS® Live: On your next road trip, you might be a different person when you arrive at your destination. And, on the journey home, you'll discover the many ways you've changed. Whether you travel domestically or abroad, author Dan Austin believes every trip should be a transformational experience. That's the premise of his new book, "The Road Trip Pilgrim's Guide."

In this satirical but sometimes serious scripture, Austin preaches the gospel of the evangelical journey of the road less traveled. The pilgrimage to that sacred place promises to reveal mysterious lessons on the intricate workings of your inner self.

At Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2008 in Salt Lake City, Utah, Austin spoke with SNEWS® Live and walked us through the finer points of becoming a road trip pilgrim.


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