SNEWS® Live: Subterranean Explorers inspire wildlife and land preservation globally

SNEWS® Live: Ralph Cutter and a group called the "Subterranean Explorers" have used travel and adventure to save some of the most endangered real estate around the globe.

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SNEWS® Live: Over the last 10 years, a group of cavers known as the Subterranean Explorers have been credited with creating a national park in Borneo and a tiger preserve in Sumatra. The group is planning a third expedition in August of 2007 to explore caves in Papua, New Guinea.

In early February 2007, SNEWS® Live caught up with Ralph Cutter at his home in Nevada City, Calif., to speak with him and learn how a small group of grassroots conservationists and adventurers can make a huge difference for animal and wild land preservation on a global scale.