SNEWS® Live: Reps, the road warriors of our industry, talk about change

Buying patterns have changed as has the retail landscape over the years, making it more challenging than ever to be a road warrior. SNEWS® Live gives you a front row seat as we talk with veteran reps about changes in the outdoor retail business -- upsides and downsides.

This edition of SNEWS® Live is brought to you by The Outdoor Industry Association

SNEWS® Live -- Our countdown to Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2006 continues this week. The second installment in a three part series leading up to the show focuses on the independent sales rep. SNEWS® reporter James Mills connected with reps from coast-to-coast to give us their perspective of life on the road. Many have spent-decades driving thousands of miles a year promoting outdoor products and helping specialty retailers get the most out of their business. Listen in as rep candidly discussed the nature of their business and how they manage to stay ahead in a very competitive market.