SNEWS® Live: Pro rock climber Lisa Rands explores new bouldering area in South Africa

Professional rock climber Lisa Rands talks with SNEWS® Live about her latest trip to explore the Rocklands climbing area of South Africa.
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SNEWS® Live: Professional rock climber Lisa Rands has distinguished herself in the sport by scaling particularly difficult routes. Though well practiced in the use of ropes and hardware, Rands is perhaps best known for her skill in the art of bouldering.

Rands has won more than her fair share of freehand short route competitions. Before retiring a few years ago, Rands took top finishes at the Phoenix Boulder Blast and the Triple Crown Bouldering series. Since then, she’s been traveling the world finding new rocks to climb in Europe, South America and most recently Africa. Rands became the first woman to climb an E8 route -- that's E for extreme -- in the hard grit stone cliffs of England. On a route called End of the Affair at Curbar Edge, she broke into a realm of climbing once occupied exclusively by top male athletes.

SNEWS® Live connected with Rands by phone at her home in Bishop, Calif. We talked about her most recent trip to discover a new bouldering area in South Africa called appropriately the Rocklands.