SNEWS® Live: Pro kayaker Jessie Stone paddles the Great White Nile and provides malaria relief in Uganda

Jessie Stone talks with SNEWS® Live about her life in kayaking, as well as her work as a doctor in Uganda helping to reduce the impact of malaria.
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SNEWS® Live: Professional kayaker Jessie Stone is also a doctor of medicine. When it came time to settle into a hospital internship program, though, Stone put aside her lab coat and stethoscope and picked up a whitewater paddle and PFD.

But don't think she's letting her medical degree go to waste. Between days paddling the rapids of the Great White Nile River through Central Africa, Stone operates a non-profit organization in Uganda that works toward the prevention and treatment of malaria. Called Soft Power Health, Stone's organization provides education and supplies to help stop the spread of malaria, which kills between 1 million and 3 million children in sub-Saharan Africa every year.

SNEWS® Live caught up with Stone on the phone at her New York home just one day before she headed back to the small Ugandan clinic she now runs.