SNEWS® Live: Outdoor enthusiasts deal with guilt over SUV use in backcountry

Environmentally conscious sport utility drivers discuss how they resolve the SUV/conservationist paradox with SNEWS® Live.
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This edition of SNEWS® Live is brought to you by The Conservation Alliance

SNEWS® Live: It's an ironic twist of fate that those of us who most want to protect the environment are actively participating in its deterioration. Who among us hasn't driven an automobile to visit and explore the wild places we cherish? From the exhaust pipes of our vehicles, the greenhouse gases we emit contribute to the warming of the planet. While we celebrate the environment as we recreate, we also sacrifice its future by contributing to the ill affects of climate change.

At the 2007 Teva Mountain Games in Vail, Colo., SNEWS® Live connected with environmentally conscious sport utility drivers to discover how they resolve the SUV/conservationist paradox.