SNEWS® Live: Outdoor companies support rise of the "active disabled"

Outdoor industry companies, designers and non-profits work to provide the disabled with equipment and resources to pursue recreational activities.
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SNEWS® Live  -- When the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed in 1990, federal law cleared the way for more than 43 million U.S. citizens to become fully engaged as active members of our society. The law gives those with physical and mental disabilities access not only to fair legal standing and reasonable accommodation to public buildings, but it also prohibits discrimination that would exclude their participation in activities many probably take for granted. With this new empowerment to explore all aspects of our culture, more and more are looking to get active in outdoor recreation. As an industry that prides itself on creating opportunities for access to wilderness areas, the growing population of the "active disabled" is a market segment not to be overlooked. SNEWS® Live brings you this report. For more background, be sure to read our special report in the Winter GearTrends outdoor magazine titled, "No Limits" by clicking here.


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