SNEWS® Live: Nomad Charities offers medical care, plans to open orphanage in Kenya

Nomad Charities co-founder Jenn Hofmann tells SNEWS® Live of her work caring for women and children in Kenya.
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SNEWS® Live: Twin sisters Jenn and Janette Hofmann are doing amazing things for women and children in the African nation of Kenya. Having given up promising corporate careers, the two now head a non-profit organization called Nomad Charities.

In the village community of Kibwezi, Jenn and Janette help educate young children, operate a medical clinic and will soon open an orphanage. They get a great deal of support from non-profits and other organizations in the United States with many donating their time and money to the cause. Drawing on the popularity of volunteer vacations, Nomad Charities offers a wonderful opportunity for visitors to mix their interest in adventure with the chance to help ease the suffering of a population immersed in poverty and disease.

In our continuing series of conversations with people who dedicate their love of the outdoors to benefit others, SNEWS® Live spoke with Nomad Charities co-founder and program director Jenn Hofmann by phone at her home in Bend, Ore., to tell us her story.