SNEWS® Live: Nepal’s national hero Apa Sherpa sees guiding as economic platform for his country’s benefit

Mount Everest climber and guide Apa Sherpa discusses the benefits that guiding has provided for economic development in Nepal.
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SNEWS® Live: Apa Sherpa is well known in the international, high-altitude mountaineering community. In 2007, he broke his own record for the most number of successful summits of Mount Everest. Having climbed the planet's highest peak 17 times, Apa Sherpa, known as the Tiger of the Himalayas, is recognized as the world's most experienced climber of mountains above 8,000 meters. He now leads guided tours of the Everest region through an outfitting company called The Super Sherpas.

Decorated by the king of Nepal as a national hero, Apa Sherpa is leading his people into a new era of modern alpinism. By providing western climbers with expert and highly experienced guiding services, the Sherpa are building a lucrative economic base to improve the lives of the next generation. Using the money they earn to educate their children and to create a higher standard of living, the Sherpa are quite literally climbing out of poverty.

At Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2008 in Salt Lake City, Utah, SNEWS® Live connected with Apa Sherpa to get the inside story on the heights to which his people hope to achieve.



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