SNEWS® Live: Is outdoor retail recession proof? Maybe not…

Outdoor retail store owners and managers around the country share their thoughts on the current economic crisis with SNEWS® Live. Economist Clyde Prestowitz, founder of the non-profit Economic Strategy Institute also chimes in with his perspective.
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SNEWS® Live: The United States remains in the midst of a major economic crisis with no end in sight -- that is, if we are to believe the financial pundits. Many say the country is already in a recession.

Past history has shown that outdoor retailers tend to benefit during economic slow-downs. Consumers turn to low-cost alternatives, like outdoor recreation and products, over the purchase of big-ticket luxury items. There's some speculation, though, that things might be different this time. Perhaps the outdoor industry isn't as "recession proof" as we once thought.

SNEWS® Live got on the phone to connect with outdoor retailers from coast-to-coast, as well as a prominent economist, to get a read on how things are going out there. Here's what we heard.

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