SNEWS® Live: Fitness professionals debate how to better meet the needs of women in SNEWS® Forum at HFB show

The 3rd Annual SNEWS® Fitness Forum addresses the topic of how best to meet the needs of women in the fitness industry, from marketing to manufacturing to selling.

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SNEWS® Live: At the 2007 Health & Fitness Business Expo in Denver, Colo., fitness industry professionals gathered for the 3rd Annual SNEWS® Fitness Forum on Aug. 2. A five-person panel of men and women representing both retailers and manufacturers from inside and outside fitness and moderated by SNEWS® executive editor Therese Iknoian tackled a topic deemed of increasing importance to retailers and manufacturers across the country: meeting the needs of women customers. Enticingly titled, the forum was dubbed, “Scoring with Women – How to satisfy a woman and make her a customer for life.”

That title alone drew a few smirks and led to discussions of Venus-Mars communication as well as of differences in needs and preferences from equipment to shopping. Both women and men attendees however settled into serious discussion for 90 nonstop minutes on the best way to attract to and retain in the fitness business female customers, shop employees and senior executives. SNEWS® Live was there to bring you the story.



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