SNEWS® Live: Explorer Jon Bowermaster's take on the final expedition of Oceans 8

Jon Bowermaster talks with SNEWS® Live about his work exploring the oceans of the world one continent at a time.
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SNEWS® Live: Writer and adventurer Jon Bowermaster has been all over the world. In a career that spans more than 20 years, his stories of exploring the most exotic spots on the planet have appeared in publications including Men's Journal, the New York Times Magazine, National Geographic and Outside.

Since 1999 Bowermaster has journeyed across the globe with the intention of visiting each of the seven continents, as well as the chain of Pacific islands known collective as Oceania. Traveling exclusively by kayak, he and his team have paddled the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia, the Aleutian Islands of Alaska, the Gabon Coast of West Africa, and the Tuamotu Atolls of French Polynesia. Each expedition has resulted in a documentary film depicting the ecology and culture of the regions explored. The series is called Oceans 8.

In 2007, Bowermaster's worldwide odyssey concludes with a visit to Antarctica. There, he'll explore the Larsen Ice Shelf. At Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2007 in Salt Lake City, Utah, Bowermaster spoke with SNEWS® Live to share a bit of what he's learned in his travels.