SNEWS® Live: Eco Everest expedition plans cleanup and climate-change education program at base camp

Eco Everest organizer Dawa Steven Sherpa discusses his plan to educate climbers and the native Nepali people on the impact of climate change.

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SNEWS® Live: Climbers heading to the world's highest summit can expect to learn more than they anticipated this year. A team headed by a Nepali touring company aims to conduct research and set up an information center at Everest base camp to study the effects of climate change and educate visitors on the impact it's having on the region.

The program is called Eco Everest 2008. Headed by Dawa Steven Sherpa, owner of the guiding service Asian Trekking, the expedition will, of course, include a bid for the summit. But Sherpa and his group of educators also plan to initiate a cleanup of the Everest Trail and establish a climbers' code of conduct to minimize the impact of future trips.

At the 2008 annual meeting of the American Alpine Club in Golden, Colo., SNEWS® Live met with Sherpa to talk about his plans to spruce up the world from the top down.