SNEWS® Live: Conservation Fund president sees commonality with other industry groups working to get kids outside

Larry Selzer, president of the Conservation Fund, discusses with SNEWS® Live his desire to work with outdoor companies to get kids involved in outdoor activities.
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SNEWS® Live: The Conservation Fund, based in Arlington, Va., is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving U.S. land and water resources. Led by President Larry Selzer, the Conservation Fund partners with government agencies and corporations to connect communities with the environment. It also works to finance local conservation efforts, train leaders and activists, mitigate the impact of development, and implement programs to respond to the growing threat of climate change.

High on its list of priorities is making it possible for the next generation of young people to have access to even more natural settings and wild places than we enjoy today. With the shared ambition of preserving wilderness and getting kids outside, the Conservation Fund and Outdoor Industry Association (OIA), the trade group for outdoor businesses, are natural allies.

At the biannual OIA breakfast held during Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2008 in Salt Lake City, Utah, Selzer was the keynote speaker. He spelled out for the outdoor professionals gathered the ways in which private sector companies and institutions can work together to prompt a healthy environment where children can be encouraged to play. Selzer's full and unedited presentation is available for download as an audio file on SNEWS® at

Immediately following his presentation at the OIA breakfast, Selzer sat down with SNEWS® Live to summarize his position and answer specific questions.