SNEWS® Live: Chilean technical clothing maker Lippi plans US/European market invasion

Senior management and distribution partners at Chilean technical apparel brand Lippi discuss with SNEWS® Live plans to promote its products in North America and Europe.
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SNEWS® Live: There's a new company entering the U.S. technical apparel business. With a collection of Gore-Tex mountain parkas, heavy-weight fleece jackets, alpine pants and soft shells, this new player aims to nab a slice of market share from leading industry giants in technical outerwear.

Called Lippi, it's building a distribution network and forging partnerships with well-known and emerging outdoor brands in the hopes of one day rivaling businesses that now dominate the outdoor industry. But in a retail environment highly saturated with excellent products for climbing, skiing and mountaineering, what could Lippi possibly offer U.S. consumers that they couldn't just as easily get from literally dozens of other companies?

With passport in hand, SNEWS® Live hopped on a plane to find out. You see this new company isn't based in the United States, or Europe for that matter. Lippi is headquartered in the South American nation of Chile. And though it may be new to the United States, Lippi has been building products inspired by the Andes mountain range for 25 years. SNEWS® Live spoke with senior management and distribution partners at Lippi to discuss the company's plans to promote its products in North America and Europe.

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