SNEWS® Live: Chatting with merchandising maven Sharon Leicham to glean tips from Summer Market booths

SNEWS® mechandising editor Sharon Leicham gives her view on what she and her team looks for when judging the SNEWS® BOB (Best Of Booths) Awards, and what merchandising tips retailers can take away from the awards.

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SNEWS® Live -- Even though Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2006 is long over, manufacturers and retailers can still take a look back at some of the best booths that were scattered from one end of the Salt Palace Convention Center to other, featured in the 2006 SNEWS® BOB Awards (click here to read). SNEWS® merchandising editor Sharon Leicham shares that shop owners can learn valuable lessons from the displays of equipment, apparel and footwear that will grace their stores later next spring. SNEWS® Live reporter James Mills talks with Leicham about what she looks for when evaluating a booth deserving of a SNEWS® BOB Award.