SNEWS® adds "cookies" to the mix for easier log-in

You asked for it – an easier log-in that doesn't require a dang username and password every time you want to read SNEWS®, which for many of you is several times a week. We've listened.
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You asked for it – an easier log-in that doesn't require a dang username and password every time you want to read SNEWS®, which for many of you is several times a week. We've listened.

Beginning today, each of you as a subscriber, will be able to choose whether or not you want to allow us to place a "cookie" on your computer. Allowing the cookie means you won't have to keep logging in … as long as you use the same computer and the same browser (such as Internet Explorer). A cookie is piece of information sent by a website to your computer that remembers your personal information, in this case, your password and username.

To allow the cookie, you can now simply select the checkbox that will appear beneath the blank boxes you will fill in with your username and password when you sign in. The line next to the checkbox says, "Remember this username and password until I log out." That's it! (But do make note your username and password for that time when your computer crashes or some "helpful" tech support person does something wacky and your computer "forgets" you.)

Want to keep logging in as you always have? This is recommended if you share a computer or others have constant access. No problem! Do nothing (particularly don't check that box), and all remains the same.

Once you select the checkbox, you will not have to log in again as our computer will place a cookie on yours -- we know, that's kind of special, but it doesn't come with crumbs, and we don't allow you to choose whether you want chocolate chip or oatmeal. Remember, if you want to log out of the system and remove the cookie from your computer, all you have to do is click on the "login" button in the right navigation bar, then click on the "log out" link. Once you do that, you're back to the same log-in procedure as before, typing in passwords everytime.

You can opt in or opt out of our "cookie" option whenever you wish. And that's the way it should be – SNEWS, your way.


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