Smooth Fitness tops Prevention Mag's treadmill awards

Prevention magazine rolled out its treadmill rankings, testing and rating treads from $800 to $1,500
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Runner's World wasn't the only publication that just released treadmill ratings (see our story of Nov. 4). Prevention magazine also rolled out its rankings, testing and rating treads from $800 to $1,500 compared to Runner's World where the lowest-price tread tested was $2,200 (topping out at some $5,000, with most closer to $3,000 for its readership). Smooth fitness was two of four recommended (the other two being Proform and Healthrider) on the magazine's website.



Smooth Fitness Agile DMT

The Agile DMT by Smooth Fitness is one of the new types of aerobic cross-trainers that we at SNEWS have dubbed “A-Trainers” because the movement can be altered in so many ways. The “A” stands for anything from “alternative” to “ascent.” Basically, these machines are a relatively more