Skiing Commissioner Survey results are up

Some of you thought all the smoke in New Mexico might be going to our head, while others thought it was a great idea--here are the, 'Could Skiing benefit from a commissioner?' survey results.

The Skiing Commissioner Survey that SNEWS® posted on June 22, 2011, generated some interesting comments and phone calls, including one from an industry executive who rang up the office just to say, “We were worried all that smoke in New Mexico was going to your head.”

Others gave the idea of having a skiing commissioner to help unify the efforts of manufacturers, retailers, reps and resorts a thumbs up, writing it could benefit us all “just like the ball sports.” 

And Brad Nelson, chairman of the National Ski and Snowboard Retailers Association (NSSRA), added this comment: “This is a great idea. The current stakeholders of the snowsport community are all rightfully engaged in their own agendas and issues. For our industry to grow we need an individual or entity that can focus solely on new participants. Snowsports needs to get into the trenches and compete with all the other sports and activities that are vying for our potential new participants discretionary time and money.”

Despite the mind-numbing prospect of even beginning to get all of the snowsports industry’s assorted owners, corporations, independent operators and decision-makers together to even begin discussing this, it looks like the idea of a commissioner of skiing will remain an interesting chairlift and après ski topic. 

SNEWS® Results: Could skiing benefit from a commissioner?

1) It’s worth considering - 33.3 percent

2) We are missing out on valuable collective revenue. We should move on this right now - 29.2 percent

3) Only if you hire me, and I get a season pass out of the deal - 20.8 percent

4) It’s crazy talk. Never - 8.3 percent

5) After such a great season, why bring this up now? - 8.3 percent

We'll keep the survey open, so to register your own vote, click here.

 --Peter Kray

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