Send us your fitness retail feedback for SNEWS FitBiz 2013/14

Our 11th annual SNEWS FitBiz Retailer Report is around the corner. Send us feedback on how your fitness retail shop fared during the past year.

We’re hard at work on our 11th annual SNEWS FitBiz Retailer Report, which will publish in April with a complete list and storecount of specialty fitness retailers across the nation.

Beyond the numbers, it’s also a great time for us to check in with retailers on how business is going, what selling, what’s not, and the outlook for the next year.

We’ve started our calls, and if you’re looking to share your news of expansion or thoughts on the business, give us an email at or call 303-253-6429.

Want a sneak peek? Our preliminary count shows that for the second year in a row, the specialty fitness retail business collectively added doors nationwide, albeit just barely.

Get all the details when the report comes out in April, and remember the FitBiz Retailer Report is a SNEWS member-only benefit.

Click here to see to see last year’s 2012/13 report and list.

--SNEWS Editors