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Scam Alert: Fake reporter requesting gear

Be on the lookout for a scammer pretending to be a reporter from Backpacker, requesting gear for reviews.

We’ve got another scam to alert the industry about — this one, also not a new trick — has the alleged scammer pretending to be a reporter for our sister publication Backpacker, requesting gear for a video review.

Below is a copy of the scam email, with brand names removed. The alleged scammer, using the name Coty Morris, has been contacting multiple outdoor brands and/or their PR agencies.

From: Coty Morris <>
Subject: Backpacker video feature
Date: January 28, 2014 7:47:44 AM

Hi XXXX, my name is Coty Morris. I'm a independent research writer, doing a video review for ( The video will be featuring 5 of the top hiking boots for hikers on the Appalachian Trail this Spring. We would like to feature a pair of your XXXX boots in this review?

If you would like your product to be part of this feature, you would be required to send in a sample for: testing, video, & review in: (Men's US size 10.5). The majority of the testing will be in Georgia & Virginia during mid to late March, with a goal to release the video Friday, April 4th.. Please let me know if you would to participate, or if you have any questions. Your time is very much appreciated!

With thanks
Coty Morris

Shipping address:
Coty Morris
681 Stewart road
Ringgold, GA 30736


This individual does not work for Backpacker. It is a scam. Do not send them products.

In general, with any product requests for review, you should verify with the editors you know with the publication. Also, be on the lookout for scammers disguising their email to make it look like it’s from an organization or someone you know.

Another scammer that we've been keeping you updated about has been targeting outdoor warranty departments.

--SNEWS Editors



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