Ruffwear Gourdo dog toy

Ruffwear's Gourdo toy is a dog's best friend. "Mom and Dad buy me lots of toys. I like most of them but I actually have several favorites and one of them is Ruffwear’s Gourdo.
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Mom and Dad buy me lots of toys. Of course, I deserve it since I’m unbelievably cute and, like many dogs today, quite spoiled too. Anyway, they always buy me new toys. I like most of them but I actually have several favorites and one of them is Ruffwear’s Gourdo.

I’m not sure why I like Gourdo but I do. It has a funny longish shape like a fat zucchini and is natural latex rubber with a surface with little nubs. It’s also weighted slightly more on one end, so when I grab the short length of rope that sticks out of one end in my mouth I can swing it around me because of the weight. That’s kinda fun. I really do love running up and down the hall and around the yard tossing my head around so that Gourdo flips around me. Sometimes I flip it into walls and cabinets, and Mom and Dad yell at me. Sometimes it even whirls up into the air and then whacks me on the head. That kinda surprises me. But it’s OK. It’s like I have a playmate when Mom and Dad won’t play with me.

When I first got Gourdo, I wasn’t sure about it since I wanted to chew on it. The rope that it came with I obliterated within a few weeks (I’m 2 now so I can use big words like that), so Dad got a piece of stronger climbing rope and knotted it so he could pull it out the end and it wouldn’t come out. He also put these great knots in the rope so I can grab it in my teeth and hold it really well. I like the new rope since I don’t destroy it. I saw that Ruffwear said it was an “interactive” toy (meaning you’re supposed to play with it with your dog then take it away), but since I like my friend Gourdo so much I didn’t point that out to Mom and Dad. That’s why they had to replace the rope. I wonder why Ruffwear doesn’t just make it with a stronger rope?

Gourdo has been my friend for about a year and a half and he’s just fine, even though Ruffwear says I should only use it when I’m supervised. He sometimes sleeps on the living room floor and sometimes he sleeps outside on the lawn if I forget him there. But he’s still in great shape. Sometimes I just lie around and gnaw on him since it feels good on my gums.

And when I do get Mom or Dad to throw it to me I think they like it more because they can grab it by the rope and it doesn’t get all slobbery and slimy like other toys do – not that I see what’s so gross about my slobber.

I would give this a big WOOF of approval.

SNEWS® Rating: 4.5 hands clapping (1 to 5 hands clapping possible, with 5 clapping hands representing functional and design perfection)

Suggested Retail: $7.95

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