RSN CNN spot tells consumers to buy used...yikes!

There the SNEWS® team was, kicking back at 10:55 p.m. watching CNN and enjoying the Resort Sports Network (RSN) spot when our collective jaws hit the ground.

There the SNEWS® team was, kicking back at 10:55 p.m. watching CNN and enjoying the Resort Sports Network (RSN) spot when our collective jaws hit the ground. The two-minute spot on buying ski gear stated, in no uncertain terms, that consumers should NOT buy new. In fact, and we quote from the RSN spot, "The difference between this year's and last year's is incremental so buy used to save as much as 70 percent off new gear and still reap the benefits of a decade of product development." SNEWS® View: And ski companies selling new product to make a living should advertise on RSN because?... To say nothing of what this says about the state of the ski market. RSN should get a resounding smack upside the head for that bone-headed spot not only from suppliers, but from retailers too.


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