Reebok creates women's tri series

Reebok, which will kickoff a new series of women's apparel and footwear for fall 2003, is also launching a series of four triathlons for women of all levels.

Reebok, which will kickoff a new series of women's apparel and footwear for fall 2003, is also launching a series of four triathlons for women of all levels.

Called, of course, the Reebok Women's Triathlon series (, the race will donate a portion of its proceeds to The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

"We're really excited about this," Kathy O'Connell-Johnson, vice president of marketing for the Vector performance segment, told SNEWS. "The whole idea is to get people to try it, and we want to expand this in the next few years."

The beauty of the series is its encouragement for women of any experience level and even young girls to try it. There will be a "super sprint" division for girls down to age 11, O'Connell said. Plus, women who choose to participate can signup for a training program starting 12 weeks out from each event date that will be based out of partner health clubs in each area.

Events, which are not just sponsored but rather newly created by Reebok except the first one, will be June 22 in Naperville, Ill.; July 13 in Canton, Mass. (at Reebok headquarters); Sept. 7 in St. Petersburg, Fla.; and Oct. 19 in San Diego, Calif. Each venue will also have a festival with information, samples, and trials of other product, gear and services of interest to women, she said.

The event will be announced later this month to the public, but the website is now live.

SNEWS View: With the growing women's fitness market, it's a no-brainer for any kind of company to look at tapping into those interests with specialty promotions. Reebok's heritage is in women's fitness and this -- as well as the women's product being unveiled soon -- should help return it to its strength there.


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