Redpoint Climbers Supply cleaned out by thieves

It seemed like a normal Saturday morning at work when Redpoint Climbers Supply owner Eric Bostard opened the door to his store on Jan. 16…that is until he noticed his back wall was blank and four display cases were empty.

It seemed like a normal Saturday morning at work when Redpoint Climbers Supply owner Eric Bostard opened the door to his store on Jan. 16…that is, until he noticed his back wall was blank and four display cases were empty. Between the time he locked up and set the alarm the night before and re-entered the store the next morning, thieves had broken in and carted off more than $24,000 worth of equipment. Among the items missing were 50 draws, 100 carabiners and 15 ropes, plus cams, nuts, down jackets, tents, backpacks, chalk, sunglasses and yes, even Clif bars.

Turns out the alarm did trigger, but for some reason still to be determined, the central alarm station did not receive the call and, as a result, did not notify the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office, so there was no response. The loss of so much inventory is a significant blow to the new store owner, who told us he’s working hard to keep positive in spite of it all.

Redpoint Climbers Supply ( is located near Smith Rock in central Oregon. It was founded by Dan Carlson in 1989. John Pinckney and Carol Simpson purchased Redpoint from Carlson in 1999. The original small red shop was bulldozed in 2005 and a new 1,000 square foot store was built in its place. Bostard purchased the store from Pinckney and Simpson in August 2009.

The bad news of the theft turned worse when Bostard discovered he had business insurance, but it only covered liability, not theft. “My agent knows I am not happy, and he’s working with me to establish theft insurance going forward. This was the biggest mistake of my life, ever, as I just assumed that business insurance covered all aspects of your business,” Bostard told SNEWS®.

However, it appears all is not lost. Since Bostard is still paying off Pinckney and Simpson, and the loan is secured against the inventory, SNEWS was told, the insurance that the original owners had, which does include theft, will most likely cover the loss, or at least a significant portion of it.

We asked Bostard how his vendors were taking the news. He told us many were just returning from Outdoor Retailer Winter Market and had yet to get back with him other than to say they would look into what they could do. One vendor, he said, is already working with him to provide new inventory on consignment.

“Basically, I just want to talk to every company’s credit folks,” said Bostard. “I am only looking for extended terms, though, if they have other ideas, I’m certainly open to hearing them.”

While the sheriff’s department has no strong leads yet, they are studying video from a nearby security camera. Bostard said it should give them a good look at how many people broke into his store, as well as a vehicle description and, hopefully, a license plate.

A complete inventory list of what was stolen has been posted to Retailers, climbing gyms and others are asked to look at the list and, if approached by someone seeking to sell climbing equipment for a really good deal, compare the list to what was stolen. Any leads can be shared by calling Bostard at 541-923-6207 or, better yet, the local sheriff's office at 541-693-6911. The sheriff in charge of the case is Gary Cima, but you can talk to anyone else there, as well.

--Michael Hodgson


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