Proven performance in sleeping bags and cold weather apparel


Polarguard® synthetic insulation is the name to trust for proven performance in sleeping bags and cold weather apparel. For more than 30 years Polarguard® continuous filament polyester has been a leader in both the outdoors and at outlets. It is the continuous filament insulation specified by the U.S. Military and top tier bag and apparel manufacturers. While there are other continuous filament products on the market, Polarguard® remains at the forefront of this technology. When nothing less than superior quality and long-lasting performance will do – specify Polarguard®.

• 30% more compressible and compactible
• Greater thermal efficiency
• Same legendary durability; won't clump, mat, or pull apart to create cold spots
• Soft hand and more drapeable


Mystery Shopper: Sleeping bag sale goes cold

This is another installment of our continuing and occasional series of stories about our mystery shopping experiences at outdoor stores around the country. Our intent in running these stories is and will always be as an educational tool. Even though we do mention the store name more