Promostyl urges ‘exploration’ in its fall/winter 2012 theme

Promostyl, a styling and trend-forecasting agency for fashion, design and lifestyles, shared its forecast theme of “exploration” for the fall/winter 2012 season. Get the details here.

Promostyl, a styling and trend-forecasting agency for fashion, design and lifestyles, shared its forecast theme for the fall/winter 2012 season: “exploration.”

“There is not enough newness in the marketplace,” Promostyl director Rita Nakouzi told a roomful of designers during a presentation at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2011. “There seems to be a standstill and we need to figure out a way to move forward.” She cited scientist Stephen Hawking and South Pole explorers for embodying the pioneering spirit that inspired the theme.

Nakouzi noted there are four key, emerging ideas that Promostyl ( has identified in different design spheres around the world, which influenced the development of the season’s overall theme.

“Studio” emphasizes modernizing heritage designs and trends from the past century with the look of skilled craftsmanship. To illustrate, Nakouzi showed images of inlaid wood, leather accents and metallic fabric to reinvent design staples from 1970s spy glam and 1990s skate culture. The focus here is on a technical core adorned with elegant surface details, she said.

“Dimension/flux” is the outer space and science fiction influence in the 2012 theme. Futurism, exaggerated triangular shapes and images with a rhythmic quality define this component of the theme’s story.

“Fantasia” brings out dream-like style elements elicited from exploring the mind’s subconscious. “Be intuitive and allow yourselves to be free,” she said in describing how to incorporate this element into design.

Finally, “land” speaks to the places, people and culture that haven’t yet been explored.

Nakouzi said, “There are tribal communities that have a symbiotic relationship with the environment they’re part of,” explaining how R&D teams should explore meaningful areas of the world immediately surrounding them.

--Elizabeth O. Hurst



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