Pivotal 5 acquires Lifeline USA for an undisclosed amount

Acquisition will allow Lifeline USA founder to focus on product innovation.

Chicago-based Pivotal 5, which specializes in handheld fitness products and programming, has acquired Lifeline USA for an undisclosed amount.


Pivotal 5 President and CEO Adam Schumacher said he's excited about the acquisition as it allows him to take over a company founded by his mentor, Bobby Hinds.

Schumacher said the company doesn’t plan any staffing additions or reductions but the acquisition calls for a new role for Hinds to now focus on product development versus running the day-to-day operations of the business. Plus, Hinds’ son Jon Hinds will take on a more active role with the business operation.

“Adam will bring a new energy to Lifeline,” Hinds wrote to SNEWS in an email. “He appreciates the potential of a company that has made considerable investment into design and innovation.”

Lifeline USA will get some much-needed marketing and advertising resources and Pivotal 5 will gain a portfolio of professional training products and access to creative product design talent. Plus, it will allow Pivotal 5 to reach new markets.

“You can have the best inventions, but it doesn’t make any difference if the world doesn’t know about it,” Hinds wrote. “Pivotal 5 brings the ability to tell the world,” about Lifeline USA’s products.

Schumacher said he started a mentor relationship with Hinds 13 years ago when he was a supplier of the company’s products. He admired the creativity behind Hinds’ products. He said he’s looking forward to seeing that creativity in action in a new line that will be unveiled at IHRSA 2014, and in a few new products making a debut at Club Industry 2013 in Chicago in October.


“Lifeline has revolutionized the fitness industry time and time again,” Schumacher said. He added that since functional and body-weight training remains a hot trend in the fitness industry, this acquisition will allow Pivotal 5 to reach more consumers in more markets.

Last September, Pivotal 5 acquired KettleWorx, but Schumacher said the company doesn’t have any immediate plans to acquire any more brands. Many of Pivotal 5’s brands have corresponding programming for health clubs and in-home use. Though there aren’t any formal plans to create such programming for Lifeline USA products, there has been talk of it, Schumacher said.

“We are excited to join forces with Bobby Hinds, Jon Hinds and the rest of the Lifeline team to expand our innovative elite functional training equipment, build our marketing platform and aggressively expand into new markets,” Schumacher said.

--Ana Trujillo



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