Outdoor Trade Show Updates: Summer Market Open Air Demo moving and OutDoor in Friedrichshafen embraces adventure and party atmosphere

TAPS works with Outdoor Retailer to move the Open Air Demo to Willard Bay State Park the day before Summer Market and OutDoor in Friedrichshafen, Germany is amping up the party and adventure atmosphere.

TAPS works with Outdoor Retailer to move Open Air Demo

After four years at Little Dell Lake, Outdoor Retailer Summer Market is moving this year's Open Air Demo to Willard Bay State Park, 15 miles north of Ogden -- thanks in large part to the joint efforts of TAPS (Trade Association of Paddlesports) and Outdoor Retailer trade show staff.

TAPS confirmed with SNEWS® that the association had discussed moving the Open Air Demo with Peter Devin of Outdoor Retailer to avoid a few of the challenges facing the Little Dell Lake property -- parking challenges, mud, cramped exhibit space, mud, and, did we mention, mud?

"Logistics and water access were never perfect at Little Dell and TAPS, along with Outdoor Retailer, realized we could produce a better event," Ray Fusco of TAPS told SNEWS®.

In March Fusco and Nichole Rapone of Outdoor Retailer flew to Salt Lake City and scouted new locations, deciding on a move to Willard Bay in the process.

Willard Bay is a much larger venue and offers 9,900 acres of fresh water for paddling, swimming and fishing. It will also have a larger space for exhibitors, convenient parking, and fires and grills are permitted. The park has two campgrounds, one full-service with water, sewer and electrical hookups and one set up for tents, as well as restrooms and showers. Campsite reservations can be made at 800-322-3770. The Open Air Demo is Aug. 10. For directions to Willard Bay, check out www.outdoorretailer.com.

OutDoor in Friedrichshafen amping up the party and adventure atmosphere

GERMANY -- The OutDoor Europe trade show in Friedrichshafen, Germany, is shaping up and will include the third-annual Adventure Race 2005 and the Mega Party (read: lots of opportunities to drink beer). The Adventure Race 2005 is a mini fun race, organized by OutdoorTrophy and timed by TechTrail. The competition area is in the open grounds within the party zone and will start at 7 p.m. on July 23, one hour before the show's Mega Party opens. The race is a relay team competition with four teams of four (must include at least one woman or all-women teams are OK) competing each round with 10 rounds planned. The winner is the team with the best time. The competition includes pitching a tent in a wind tunnel, running over a hilly landscape with shoelaces tied together, walking/balancing across a canyoneering tightrope and a backpacking race. Participation is free and can include exhibitors, attendees and press. Then, the show's Mega Party will kick off at 8 p.m. and for Euro 15 will include food, drinks and a party T-shirt from Polartec featuring its Power Dry fabric. Show organizers say the cover band "McSunday" will provide some great sounds and create a fantastic atmosphere for a superb night of dancing and party fun. A second party zone will have food, drinks, and jazz/blues music. Adventure Race winning teams will be presented at 9 p.m. with prizes galore.