Outdoor Retailer Summer Market '04 Update -- eBay seminar watch, wobbling in the morning, glorious sundaes, and more…

Outdoor Retailer eBay seminar might raise some questions, as well as OIWC Chillfest, delicious sundaes at Nike, and much more...
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Quick Summer Market News

>> eBay is sponsoring a Noon seminar in the Marriott on Aug. 12 and then three more 7:30 a.m. seminars on August 13, 14 and 15 to show the outdoor industry "how to boost sales, gain new customers, and obtain higher yields on liquidation inventory by selling on eBay." Now we're not recommending the industry attend these seminars because of their worth to the industry -- because frankly, there are already dozens of existing channels for liquidating inventory. We're pointing these seminars out as must-attends for manufacturers, especially since the mere issue of selling on eBay and other online and auction sites raises numerous questions we doubt eBay has even considered addressing. We know for a fact that quite a number of retailers in our little industry are already selling online through eBay, and they are doing so often in complete violation of many dealer agreements -- some have been shut down, others try to operate under the radar, mostly unsuccessfully. Apparently, eBay is selling keywords to online sellers. A number of retailers and online sellers are now squatting on brand names and trademark names to trigger keyword responses from consumer searches. The consumer is then directed to a retailer site, rather the site of the owner of the brand name or trademark -- curious to say the least. How eBay can sell keywords that are, essentially, trademarked names, is beyond us, but they must have a good answer. There are many questions to be asked and it will be very interesting to see how eBay decides to respond.

Do you have a Summer Market event you think is worth noting?

If you have a trade show event that's scheduled, confirmed, and more than just an introduction of a new product (as in, we'll only promote it if we deem it to be both entertaining and educational), fire an email to the SNEWS® team at orevents@snewsnet.com.

The SNEWS® team has accepted the mission of weeding through all the press release fluffery and mounds of show announcements to bring you only events we believe are really worth the time. To that end, we highly recommend that you mark your Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2004 calendars for the following:

>> Wobble scammers beware! Mark your show calendars for Saturday, Aug. 14, and the 6:30 a.m. starting gun for the 9th Annual Wasatch Wobble. The notoriously amusing 5K Wobble trail run celebrating bleary-eyed runners begins at Red Butte Gardens and is a don't-miss affair. Yes, bus transportation is available if you can't muster your own wheels. Visit Montrail at Booth 1713 for more information. Thankfully, this year the company is weeding out Wobble scammers. You know who you are! Posing as a Wobble runner when you don't even make the run. Shame on you! This year, ya gotta show up to the race to get your T-shirt, so there!

>> GoLite, Adventure Sports magazine and Subaru Primal Quest are throwing an adventure racing party on Aug. 14 from 4-6 p.m. at the GoLite Booth (2337). We've been promised great beer (clearly not local stuff), fun videos (we can only imagine what these might be), superb gear giveaways (now we're talkin') and an opportunity to mingle with the some of the sports hottest athletes (we presume they mean skilled and famous, and not just sweaty).

>> While we are on the GoLite theme, mark their booth on your places to go for a quick pick-me-up during the entire show as they are hosting a free-flowing organic espresso bar featuring Allegro Coffee.

>> When the stomach starts grumbling around 4 p.m. on days one and two, head over to the Nike ACG booth where world-class adventure racers and Team Nike ACG members Ian Adamson, Mike Klosure, Michael Tobin and Danelle Ballengee will be serving up tacos -- yummy. On day three, Saturday, Nike figures we all need more sugar than protein, so they're serving up an ice-cream sundae bar. Outstanding! Save us a banana boat dish please. Footage of Primal Quest will also play on screen in ACG booth.

>> If you're a woman (and simply being in tune with a feminine side does a man no good here), you'll want to book your space for the annual OIWC ChillFest Retreat. Think lavishing yourself with a massage outdoors in a canopy of pine trees, a relaxing pedicure, yummy food and a glass of wine in a cozy mountain lodge. Think going for a hike, casting a fly rod, or going climbing. Imagine catching up on your sleep and recharging your batteries before you go home to your significant other, kids and dogs and the endless list of trade show follow-up to-dos. Sound simply faaabulous? Then mark your calendar for Sunday, Aug. 15 through Tuesday, Aug. 17, and contact OIWC now to reserve your spot at Brighton in Utah's Big Cottonwood Canyon -- go to www.oiwc.org or email Maile Buker at maile@bdel.com

>> Kinesys ain't exactly putting on what we would call a "fun" event, but it is one that is most useful and absolutely worth a visit. During the Outdoor Retailer Open Air Demo on Aug. 11 and during the first day of Summer Market, Aug. 12, in booth 5911. Dermatologist Dr. Julie Ann Winfield, M.D., of Mill Valley, Calif., will toss out a "the Dr. is in" shingle and welcome all attendees to come by for a quick exam looking for the early warning signs of melanoma. Dr. Julie is a Board-Certified dermatologist specializing in adult, pediatric and cosmetic dermatology. She will refer folks to their local dermatologists for a follow-up examination if needed.


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