Outdoor Reads: Sally Jewell enjoys learning curve; benefits of being bike-friendly

Read how Sally Jewell enjoys learning curve and the benefits of being bike friendly.

What did the SNEWS team read this week that other industry insiders might find interesting? Read on to find out.

  • The industry was elated when Sally Jewell was sworn in as America's 51st Secretary of the Interior on April 12. Though insiders have known Jewell for a long time, now the rest of the country is getting introduced to her through articles like this one in the New York Times. It not only delves into Jewell’s background, but also notes that she's anticipating a learning curve in her new post.
  • Speaking of Washington, this Daily Caller story reports that two Republican members of Congress are demanding an explanation as to where signs noting a North Carolina campground was closed due to the sequestration came from. That North Carolina campground isn’t the only recreation area the sequestration is hitting. Check out this National Geographic story for more on how it will hurt parks and wildlife.
  • Gadgets and technology: We love them. This USA Today story wraps up a list of some of our favorites and soon-to-be favorites. We liked both the Pear Mobile Training Intelligence System for iPhone (which interacts with iPhone to coach and motivate you, tell you where to get outside in a new city and play your favorite tunes); and the DeLorme inReach SE Two-Way Satellite Communicator (which lets customers explore without fear of losing touch).
  • Oh man. You know how we feel about snacks. We’ve told you what our favorites are. What we didn’t tell you is that carrot cake is our absolute favorite desert. Something about chunks of walnuts and carrots in warm cake with sweet cream cheese frosting gets us every time. We’d love to take carrot cake on our adventures, but that gets messy (trust us) — so we were elated to read that Luna bar's new flavor is Carrot Cake.
  • Obstacle runs have become all the rage, from the Warrior Dash to the Spartan Race. If you haven’t caught the obstacle race bug yet, chances are you’re going to. But which one should you do? Check out this Active Junky post on the top 10 themed adventure races.
  • We are not fans of walking on gravel, much less riding our bicycles on gravel, but this Gear Junkie post gives an editor’s first-person account of riding 208 miles on gravel roads in Iowa. Apparently gravel road races are gaining popularity. They're still not anywhere near as crazy as the obstacle races — but they’re up there.
  • It’s hard to believe that with Wednesday’s snowstorm (and all those just a few weeks earlier) that we are coming up to summer camping season. But we are. And camping means campfires (if they’re not banned in your area; please be sure to find out). How can you make a campfire without harming the environment? Leave No Trace has your answer. Check out this blog post about how to make a less impactful campfire.
  • No American city made the 2013 Copenhagenize Index of the world’s most bike-friendly cities. This Business Insider story said this has negative financial implications for American cities, as cyclists are more likely to spend money in local stores. The problem, the article said, is that Americans see cycling as an exercise, not a mode of transportation, and we should change that.
  • It’s always fun when SnowSports Industries America posts ‘Throwback Thursday’ stories on Facebook. This week’s came from the International Skiing History Association, and talks about how an accountant who liked to ski, Rudolf Lettner, invented the steel edge.
  • We weren’t really surprised when we read this USA Today story that said about 79 percent of adults in the United States aren’t meeting the federal physical activity recommendations for both aerobic and strength exercises. All they need, according to the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, is to do fun activities like walking, hiking, running, tennis, softball and somehow manage to incorporate strength training.

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