Outdoor Movin' & Shakin': Troy Ballard and Icebreaker; Michelle Barnes and OIF; Larry Harrison, Mark Fulton and JanSport

Get the latest scoop on moves and news among outdoor retailers and manufacturers.

Get the latest scoop on moves and news among outdoor retailers and manufacturers.

>> Troy Ballard has resigned as president of Icebreaker USA, effective Sept. 14, 2007. "There are a few reasons, both business and personal, for my resignation," Ballard told SNEWS®. "I take great pride in my role of launching this beautiful brand into the United States and building a great team here. I am sure Jeremy (Moon) will continue to be very successful." Icebreaker has not made any determination as yet regarding direction or replacement for Ballard. Those wishing to stay in touch with Ballard can do so via email at troyballard@earthlink.net.

>> Michelle Barnes, vice president of the Outdoor Industry Foundation, is no longer at OIF, departing somewhat suddenly in late August to the surprise of some who contacted SNEWS®. Both Barnes and Outdoor Industry Association president Frank Hugelmeyer assured SNEWS® that nothing insidious or untoward was going on and that Barnes' departure was directly related to the newly announced search for a first-ever executive director for OIF, as mandated by the board. Hugelmeyer told us, "Things are going in different directions for OIF now than when it was first founded and the board has decided to take the foundation to the next level by hiring an executive director. Michelle recognized that and decided now would be the best time for her, and for us, to begin looking at other opportunities. Michelle did an amazing job taking the foundation to the level we are currently at and is to be commended for that."

>> A retailer called to alert us to the news that after 23 years, Larry Harrison and his agency Earthgames is no longer representing JanSport. JanSport, we have learned, has replaced Harrison with his reps, with one of them, Mark Fulton, starting a new agency to represent the company. We called Harrison to confirm the news, and he added, "The only truism about a rep is that at some point you will be fired. It does not matter really about performance. We were Sales Agency of the Year the last year. I love JanSport and am saddened by this, but these eras end, don't they? Now I have to create a new era." You can reach Harrison at larry@earthgames.com. As for Fulton, he confirmed that the Earthgames reps will be continuing on with his new agency and that there will be no interruption in service to retailers. The new agency will be Aurora Avenue Sales (when JanSport was founded 40 years ago it was founded on the corner of 175th Aurora Ave.). "I want to maintain some of the heritage of the JanSport spirit and the name of the agency will be a reminder to everyone where we came from," Fulton told us. To reach Fulton, the email (which should be live by Sept. 12) will be mark@auroraavesales.com. His phone is 909-866-2660.


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