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LuminAID's co-founder, Andrea Srestha, won a prominent Women in Tech Awards—the Women Tech Founder Award.

LuminAID co-founder Andrea Sreshta won a prominent Women in Tech Award—the Women Tech Founder Award—on Nov. 7.

  • Acquisition: Mayfly Outdoors, manufacturer of fly-fishing products, completed its acquisition of international fly line manufacturer, Airflo. Mayfly, founded in 2012, is best known for operating fly fishing brands Abel and Ross Reels. Airflo is a U.K.-based fly line manufacturer founded in 1978. The company is well-respected for its PVC-free fly line, which is both environmentally sustainable and recyclable.
The back of Adventure Journal's pocket notebook

Three packs are $12.95 and available on Adventure Journal's website.

  • Notebooks made by journalists: Adventure Journal just launched a line of notebooks dedicated to outdoor adventure and the people who pursue it. The publication's supply chain is Forest Stewardship Council certified—the ink is plant-based and they plant one tree for every three-pack sold. “From Darwin to Hillary, explorers have always carried notebooks sketchbooks and journals," said Editor Steve Casimiro, “but until now there’s never been a line of beautiful notebooks dedicated exclusively to the outdoors, nature, and adventure sports.”
  • Honey Stinger appointed Mike Keown, a longtime veteran of the consumer packaged goods industry, as its new CEO. Honey Stinger founder and co-owner Bill Gamber, who previously served as president and CEO for the brand, will continue to serve on the company’s Board of Directors, and will also continue as CEO of sister company Big Agnes.
  • Funny new website: Looking for the perfect gift for skiers, photographers, and the person who already has everything?, curated by photographer Kyle Frost, lists "Some stuff you need. A lot you probably don't."