OIWC Polly-Esther Party raising money for Education Foundation

Partying in the present with a link to the past is helping to raise money to ensure success in the future. What could be better than that! And here's your chance to take part at the upcoming Polly-Esther party, Saturday, Aug. 9, from 7 p.m. until midnight at Pierpont Place. The party themes are polyester with '70s retro styling.

Partying in the present with a link to the past is helping to raise money to ensure success in the future. What could be better than that! And here's your chance to take part at the upcoming Polly-Esther party, Saturday, Aug. 9, from 7 p.m. until midnight at Pierpont Place. The party themes are polyester with '70s retro styling. If you need any help pimping your imagination, then click here to see the original poly party gang and the inspiration behind much of what you will see and experience on Aug. 9.

There are less than 300 tickets left for this gala event with all proceeds going toward funding the Outdoor Industries Women's Coalition (OIWC) Education Foundation, a non-profit, tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization that is dedicated to providing women in the outdoor industry with educational programs and career development resources.

Sally Grimes of OIWC told SNEWS® that the goal of $50,000 to jump-start the foundation is 41 percent complete with money coming from individual and corporate founders, as well as proceeds from the Polly-Esther party. To raise additional funds, there will be a "thrift store" at the party where attendees can purchase needed costumes. In addition, OIWC will be selling commemorative Polly-Esther Party T-shirts, CamelBak Better Bottles with the Polly-Esther logo, and raffle tickets to win a $500 prize from Kokatat. Of course, memories of your friends dressed in tragically tacky and garish polyester outfits will be a must, which is why OIWC will also be posting photos of the event online on a professional website where prints can be ordered -- ideal for special event humor and blackmail naturally.

Because OIWC wants to sell-out the event BEFORE Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, it is offering an exceptional "buy three tickets, get one free" offer, good until 5 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 1. Grimes asked us to tell all who have already purchased a package of three tickets that an additional ticket will be added to their will-call envelope as a thank you.

Naturally, everyone needs socks, so Polly-Esther sponsor Fox River has graciously agreed to provide the first 300 folks to pick up their tickets with a pair of socks suitable for wearing immediately or saving until your clean socks run out. Pick up tickets on Aug. 8-9 at the OIWC booth (#60037).

Your MCs for this gala event are SNEWS's own Michael Hodgson and Therese Iknoian.

Joining Hodgson and Iknoian as judges for the costume contest -- and yes, serious kissing up and appropriate bribery is encouraged -- are the illustrious husband-and-wife Marmot team of Randy Verniers and Laura Miera (original Poly Party folks no less) and Marty Weening of Gramicci (we can't wait to see his outfit).

Yes, it is true there is a dance-off contest -- think Grease -- that starts at 9:45 p.m. The evening's judges include Larry Harrison of NUWA (whose outfit was custom-made in China no less), Greg Cummings of Terramar and Joel Anderson of Fox River. Our lineup of dancers vying for Polly Guy and Polly Gal of the night honors (oh, the pressure) include:

o John/Neide Cooley, Marmot

o Mike Wallenfels/Paige Boucher (Mountain Hardwear)

o Beth Cochran (whatsup PR) and Grant Palmer (Men's Journal)

o Sally Grimes (OIWC) and Chris Chesak (Adventure Travel Trade Association)

o Ole Jepsen/Jenni Dow (Dow Marketing/Go Agile)

o Steve Bendzak/Brady Miller (Ex Officio)

o Roy Wallack/Nancy White

o Kim Coupounas (Golite), Mike Steck (Yakima) and Gregg Bagni (Alien Truth Communications) are forming a very strange trio, which promises to be very entertaining, or very disturbing, depending on your perspective.

Anyone else who wants to pair up and jump in is, of course, more than welcome.

Speaking of disturbing, three men have been going for broke to win the sideburn contest which will be judged by Michael Hodgson -- shaver in hand naturally because this promises to be ugly. The three, who should receive requisite ribbing from friends and compatriots during the show before the contest, are:

o Christian Castellani of Backcountry.com

o Chris Hodge of ExOfficio

o Skip Yowell of JanSport

Of course, no party would be a party without drinks and from 7 to 8 p.m., all cocktails will be going for the low-low price of $3. And no, you can't buy 10 drinks before 8 p.m. and save them until later -- this is Salt Lake City after all.

We'll see you all at the Polly-Esther party and leave you with this one reminder…what happens at the Polly-Esther Party never happened -- unless you have photographic evidence, that is.


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