OIA supports free-trade agreement with protection for some outdoor items

The Outdoor Industry Association released its letter of support for the Trans Pacific Partnership, saying the agreement could produce “significant savings” for outdoor companies. The group also supports maintaining some tariffs to support U.S.-made outdoor products. Find the details here.
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The Outdoor Industry Association released its letter of support for the Trans Pacific Partnership, saying the trade agreement could produce “significant savings” for outdoor companies who manufacture in and export to certain Asia Pacific and South American countries.

“OIA staff analyzed nearly 1,000 individual tariff codes to determine how individual outdoor products should be treated in the TPP,” OIA Director of Trade Policy Alex Boian said. The countries involved in the trade agreement include Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam.

“The submission recommends that the vast majority of outdoor products should be given duty free access and governed under simple flexible rules with minimum administrative burden,” Boian said. “But it also identifies outdoor products that are manufactured in the United States and requests maximum protection for those items.”

The recommended extra protection includes items such as hydration systems, camping pads, water-resistant backpacks, certain footwear, camping stoves and snowshoes to name a few.

For those products, OIA is lobbying that U.S. trade representatives apply 10- to 15-year U.S. tariff phase-outs to “provide a transition period for our members to transition to new global realities.”

Boian said the OIA’s opinions and reccomendations were developed during the past six months “in close consultation with outdoor industry companies” that import from and export to the TPP countries.

Click here to read OIA’s full letter submitted to U.S. trade representatives.

--David Clucas



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