Nun on the Run (Top 10 Finalist)

So it’s Palm Sunday, the store is open and the alarm goes off. We rush to the front door, hoping for a chase down Cedar Avenue—what’s more fun than chasing down bad guys? But instead there’s just a little old lady with a fatigue jacket, pockets the size of Volkswagens, and she is flustered.

So it’s Palm Sunday, the store is open and the alarm goes off. We rush to the front door, hoping for a chase down Cedar Avenue—what’s more fun than chasing down bad guys?

But instead there’s just a little old lady with a fatigue jacket, pockets the size of Volkswagens, and she is flustered.

"Do you have anything in your pockets?"

"Nope. "

"Are you sure?"


Meanwhile the alarm continues to scream. Reluctantly we ask if we can check her pockets—she’s old enough to be my grandma, after all—and only then do we find several books and a stargazer chart. Frail or no, she’s a bad guy! and we haul her bony ass upstairs to call the cops.


Sister Rose.

We exchange blank looks with one another and then look again at this diminutive thief. A nun? Shoplifting? On Palm Sunday? What would Jesus do?

Book ‘er, that’s what.

We call the cops, they come and haul Sister away, but not before we find out that she had actually purchased a small kayak. Rob, the manager, explained: "Once you make bail, you can come and get your boat—but you can’t come in the store. We’ll get your boat to the parking lot, and then you’re on your own. We can’t sell you anything, and we can’t help you with the boat. You can’t shop here anymore."

Late that afternoon, Sister Rose shows up to get her boat, is told again she can load it herself onto her vehicle—and don’t come back.

She looks at us and says, your manager told me you’d help us load the boat. Only problem is, she’s talking to Rob.

“You know, this little old lady shows up,” he recalled, “and I’m thinking, I know I’m not supposed to, but heck, I’ll help her anyhow. Then she ups and lies to me! A nun!”

 We put her boat down and walked away. When we turned around again she was gone. With her boat. Back to the nunnery.

by Seth Lindenfelser

Through July 1, retail sales staff answered the contest call to submit a story of survival and perseverance in the face of challenging customers. The story titles with summaries that made the first round of qualifications are listed below, and each is now in the hands of our judges to decide on the top 10. You can read each story in its entirety by going to the contest landing page -- click here.

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