lets products float, morph, interact, huh?

Nike has introduced a new website,, which it calls "the online destination for those who want to be the first to interact with Nike's most performance-driven products."

Nike has introduced a new website,, which it calls "the online destination for those who want to be the first to interact with Nike's most performance-driven products." The interactive site shows the company's top products and digital content. " will be unlike any other site -- it will be a totally interactive experience that lets customers learn about Nike's latest performance products -- from footwear to equipment and eventually apparel -- through cutting-edge graphics and original episodic content," said Ricky Engelberg, Nike Digital Innovation Specialist. "Picture a virtual football game in which an Air Max Q cross trainer morphs into a robotic version of football great Marshall Faulk. Floating objects you manipulate only by blowing or speaking into your computer microphone. That's just a sampling -- and just the beginning -- of what you'll see on this site."

R/GA, a leading interactive agency based in New York, used the latest digital design tools of Flash MX and Shockwave to build In conjunction with Tronic, it also created 3-D product presentations that let users "peel away" layers of the products to reveal the underlying structure and technology. What else you'll find, at least eventually when it all comes live: Nike ID shoe customization, a virtual football game using NFL players that are morphed from a shoe, a speed simulator that uses two shoes to take you on a speedy journey through different environments, music mixing, and short films with a New York City bike messenger.

SNEWS View: Oh, there's more on the site all right. SNEWS went in and took a look at what was now live. We admit, this is an utterly cool and innovative use of Internet technology that is really pushing the envelope. Colors, movement, sounds, mouse control, speed patterns and imagery are all there for you. But, well, why? Other than a really entertaining few minutes, what did we learn? Hmmm… We'll get back to you on that one. Maybe next time you're on a forever telephone hold, use the site to entertain yourself.



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