New fitness dealers group launches website, manufacturer supporting memberships offered

The newly launched fitness dealers association has a new website, plus find out how manufacturers can become supporting members.

The website for the newly launched Fitness Industry Dealers Association has gone live with preliminary information to help promote the group.

“This is one of the early steps we’re taking to serve the specialty fitness dealers,” said Larry Weindruch, NSGA’s liaison to the new FIDA group that is under the NSGA umbrella.

To access the site, go to

“The website will of course be added to and upgraded as we move forward,” Weindruch added.

The basic site offers a place for fitness dealers to find out a bit more about the group, its mission and benefits offered, as well as to find a member application.

Still being developed are areas to gain access to research by the NSGA, plus a FIDA member forum for members to interact with each other on current topics and questions.

Also discussed by the board are areas for consumers to gain insights about how to shop for and buy equipment and a retailer directory so consumers can find their closest specialty shop.

Manufacturers can offer dealer support

In addition, supporting memberships are available to interested manufacturers, with the basic NSGA rate of $545 a year. According to Weindruch, the board is considering additional, higher, levels of sponsorship for additional benefits. Those levels will be announced in 2011.

Already on board as a supporting manufacturer, for example, is Fitness Master. Said President Eric Dick about his joining: "I think it is as simple as wanting better communication....Our whole industry is changing, and changing rapidly. There is not the margin for error today, as was enjoyed before 2008."

Dick added that manufacturers "willing to listen," should also take a look at a supporting role.

If you "desire to have a conversation with dealers, you should consider joining," he added.

To see FIDA's founding board, click here

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If you are interested in finding out more about SNEWS-supported FIDA, including retail and manufacturer memberships, go to or email Weindruch at

--Therese Iknoian