Moving Comfort Luna, Juno and Alexis sports bras review

The Alexis, Juno and Luna sports bras from Moving Comfort provided our testers with bounce-free protection, and moisture-wicking goodness.

Nothing can ruin a workout faster than an ill-fitting sports bra that offers little or flawed support.

Prior to testing three products from Moving Comfort — the Alexis, Juno and Luna sports bras — SNEWS testers had no previous experience with the company’s products. We were quite pleasantly surprised.

Both testers had to get used to the bras, which though were our sizes fit a bit tight in the beginning. The tester, who has been wearing the Juno (in size 38B) for activities like running and volleyball since October, said initially the bra was a little uncomfortable on her back and beneath her arms toward the front of her body. But after a getting-to-know-you period with her bra, she found the adjustments to make it fit just right.

After eight months, our tester is a faithful user of the bra, and said it was supportive without being uncomfortable, something the mother of two (who nursed both) hasn’t found in a bra before — ever. The wide band under the breasts never folded and the tester said her breasts never bounced, sagged or hurt during activities. Plus, she added, she’s used the bras on long runs without Body Glide and never experienced chafing. The Juno kept her bounce-free during Denver’s Urban 10-Miler in May.

Our second, childless, somewhat flat-chested tester tested both the Alexis and the Luna. If the two had to battle it out, the Luna would win by a knockout. The tester had a size 36A in both pieces, but the Luna, with its rear clasp system and wide straps, was much easier to put on and felt more supportive. One downfall of the Luna was that it made our second tester’s breasts seem a little large, which definitely took some getting used to. It was not the breasts, rather it was the molded cups. 

Another benefit is after years of having her breasts smashed down by inferior bras; the Luna’s seam-free molded cups made her ladies feel like two secure individuals rather than conjoined twins with identity crises. The Alexis had the same support because it, too, featured seam-free molded cups, but the fact that it was so hard to get on and off was a big, big turnoff. Once our tester got past the wiggling and twisting it took to get it on, it was fantastically supportive. Both bras were used for activities such as volleyball, basketball and long-distance running. The Alexis helped our tester stay bounce free during Denver’s Colfax Marathon. 

Both testers were amazed at all the bras’ ability to wick moisture. With other sports bras, our testers usually had a fresh bra and shirt to change into to avoid a chill, but with these Moving Comfort pieces, the moisture was wicked away immediately, leaving them feeling dry at the end of activities. This made it easier to run errands post-gym or post-workout before they’d had time to shower. It was also a helpful feature during the cold winter months when our testers, both located in Colorado, preferred to run outdoors. Not once did our testers feel chilled because of a wet sports bra during those winter runs.

In addition to the amazing, bounce-free support these Moving Comfort bras offered, they helped our testers retain their feminine figures, lending themselves to be used easily during daily wear, which is important given consumers’ desire for multifunctional products.

Testers would recommend the Luna and Juno to active friends, and our first tester said the Juno is amazing for women who have nursed. The stylish Alexis, however, would be a good fit for yogis with extreme flexibility due to the difficult nature of putting it on and taking it off.

Suggested Retail: The Luna, MSRP $31-$51; the Juno, MSRP $31-$56, and the Alexis MSRP $36

SNEWS® Rating: For the Luna 5 hands clapping (1 to 5 hands clapping possible, with 5 clapping hands representing functional and design perfection); the Juno, 5 hands clapping; and the Alexis, 4 hands clapping.



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