Mountain Hardwear to auction trade show graphics to benefit Haiti relief

When the Mountain Hardwear team started thinking about the breakdown of their Outdoor Retailer Winter Market booth, they got a bit depressed about the spectacular graphics they'd be tossing. The mood has lifted, though, as they prep the graphics for an auction to benefit Haiti relief.

When the Mountain Hardwear team started thinking about the breakdown of their Outdoor Retailer Winter Market booth, they got a bit depressed. Too much was getting tossed, including some pretty spectacular booth graphics created just for the trade show.

The dark depression vanished, though, when a great idea cast its light over the group: Why not auction off the graphics to retailers who might want to use them in their stores, then give the money to a great cause?

Paige Boucher, public relations director for Mountain Hardwear and Montrail, told SNEWS® that Mountain Hardwear Gives Back will assume all the costs of packaging and shipping the graphics to winning retailers. For more details, email Boucher at

There are 10 graphic images available -- perfect for adding a little visual and inspirational spice to a wall or two in any store.

You can preview the images by clicking here.

High bids and the winning bid for each graphic will be posted on Mountain Hardwear’s Facebook page. Winning bids must show proof of financial donation to a Haitian relief charity before the graphic will be shipped. 

Boucher told us that Mountain Hardwear is planning to do this after every trade show now, with auction proceeds benefiting a new cause or charity in need.

--Michael Hodgson


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