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MontBell becomes Japanese distributor for Watermark

Watermark has shifted the Japanese distribution rights to its brands, with the exception of Mainstream, over to MontBell Co. Ltd.

Watermark has shifted the Japanese distribution rights to its brands, with the exception of Mainstream, over to MontBell Co. Ltd. Pearl Metal, which had been distributing Dagger in Japan, retains the rights to Watermark's Mainstream line. MontBell began distribution of Dagger, Perception, Islander, Harmony, Yakima Snowshoes and Yakima inflatable personal floatation devices as of Aug. 15. Jim Clark, CEO for Watermark, stated that the primary reason for the shift and consolidation was to achieve efficiencies in distribution that will provide immediately realized benefits to Japanese retailers and, as a result, consumers. Isamu Tatsuno, founder and president of MontBell Co. told SNEWS® that MontBell has been distributing Perception in Japan since 1980 as the first plastic kayak distributor in Japan. MontBell also makes the Arfeq, a folding kayak, and, according to Tatsuno, the best-selling folding kayak in Japan. SNEWS® View: Little wonder that this is a good thing for MontBell and an equally good thing for Japanese retailers. Consider that Tatsuno's company also distributes Mad River and Liquid Logic boats, you begin to see a distributorship that allows retailers to order a full range of boats and accessories from many different brands from one place. That can save time and freight costs. Tatsuno also told us that the company held trade shows in both Osaka (the company's home town) and Tokyo with great results. "Our dealers could see everything at one place and compare, which made their buying decisions much easier." No doubt!


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