Mike Mooers Bio


Mike Mooers

SNEWS® LLC Minister of Mojo

A long time outdoor industry vet, Mike’s worked on the retail floor and in the corporate trenches. He joined the SNEWS® team in 2007. As founder and past president of OllyDog, www.ollydog.com , Mike built one of the most highly regarded brands in the world of dog gear. Prior to that he was at Sierra Designs and Ultimate Direction where he managed marketing communications, PR, and community relations. And, of course, like many in the outdoor industry, he served his stint at The North Face.

He has also appeared with the California, San Francisco, and Santa Cruz Shakespeare Festivals. Really. But it was a long time ago. The mountains are where Mike’s at home and where he plays. He loves using (but has particular difficulty with) his Tele skis and fly rod. He also backpacks, hikes, swims in the Yuba River, and throws sticks for his dog. He does not run. He is involved with environmental issues and is a strong supporter of Green Corps (www.greencorps.org ), Sierra Watch (www.sierrawatch.org), and the South Yuba River Citizen’s League (www.syrcl.org ).

A fifth generation Californian, Mike lives on 20 acres on “The Ridge” in the Sierra Foothills town of North San Juan with his wife, Suzanne, and dog Odin.


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