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Display & Design Ideas

This tabloid-size publication is the best place to find visual merchandising sources. Paco Underhill writes a bimonthly column that’s always worth reading and the magazine features full-color photos of stores as well as sponsoring the yearly merchandising trade show GlobalShop. For information go to

VM+SD (Visual Merchandising and Store Design

We’ve subscribed to VM+SD for years because of its columns by the late Peter Glen and its attention to subjects like fixturing, signage, lighting and store design. Full color photos of new stores across the country grace the pages and are its Product/Service Showcase feature provides helpful merchandising resources listings. For information go to


Merchandising Hub Recommended Books

Books by Sharon Leicham for Sale From Merchandising Hub: How to Sell to WomenBy Sharon Leicham If you’re having trouble attracting women to your business, you’ll want to read this book. It discusses women’s buying preferences, what salespeople need to know about selling to women, more

Merchandising Hub Books For Sale

Books for Sale: How to Sell to Women By Sharon Leicham If you're having trouble attracting women to your business, you'll want to read this book. It discusses women's buying preferences, what salespeople need to know about selling to women, how to make your store women-friendly, more


Merchandising Tour: Making an entrance

Whether it’s the entrance of a trade show booth or a retail store, it sets the stage for what’s inside…and it better be good! If it falls flat, potential customers will make an about-face and explore no further into the space. You’ve no doubt heard the basic assumptions about more


Merchandising Tour: ‘Shopping’ the show

By now, it’s obvious there is much to be learned from exhibits at trade shows -- and Outdoor Retailer showcases some of the best visual merchandising ideas out there. If you have been following the Merchandising Tour articles covering the 2010 Winter Market and Summer Market more

Merchandising Glossary

Merchandising Glossary “You'll want to place some casework here and a pilaster there to take advantage of your classifications sight-lines before we roll-out a turnkey program,” says your newly contracted store designer. “That ok with you?” she asks. Well, you say to more

Merchandising Know-How: Read all about it!

As you know, it's hard to find books about merchandising. You can't go to your local bookstore and just come across them. Amazon has more than 40 books on visual merchandising and store design, but it's hard to know which ones are going to be the most helpful. So, here are some more